Are you Ready?


Are you prepared for a medical emergency? Would a first responder have a complete picture of your health available?

If you were incapacitated, would your spouse or heirs know about your bank account, insurance, the location of important documents?

When you can no longer make decisions about your medical treatment or how you want to be remembered - would your heirs know what your wishes were?

This software is not just for you - it's for your spouse, heirs, and loved ones. They need this information, too. And, what better gift than to enable loved ones to give information and make decisions about your medical treatment, finances, and personal preferences?

PUTTING THINGS IN ORDER is software that enables you to provide answers to these questions and more. You can add an unlimited amount of text. It doesn't have to be limited to health, emergency, or financial matters.

But, there's more: You can add documents and records that might prove essential in an emergency, like medical records, prescriptions, or other specific information. And, there's no limit to what you can add - photographs, licenses, certificates - if it's a pdf file, you can add it.

A $5.95 investment will give you peace of mind and insure that things are done your way and memories are preserved.

Download a full, working, demonstration copy of PUTTING THINGS IN ORDER by clicking Here to examine the software at your leisure. You don't need any other software and it's simple to use. And, you can make copies for those close to you.

When you are satisfied that it's the program you should have for yourself and your family, you can


If you liked Putting Things In Order, but want something much, much more inclusive about your life events and your personal feelings, you will be interested in a sister publication/software: My Personal History. This publication enables you to record all the significant events in your life, (and those small things you want people to know). It will answer the questions of your relatives and children about what your life was all about. You can record as much of your history as you want and print out only what you think people should know. You can download a free, full featured copy of this software to try before you buy. Just go to the My Personal History information page.


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