Write Your Own History


"Gee Grandma, I didn't know . . ."

"I wish I had told my kids about . . ."

Have you ever wanted to give your children and grandchildren a summary of your life?

Ever thought you ought to write down your medical history for use in an emergency? Or your feelings about medical treatment or end of life matters?

Would you like to record the locations of your important documents and those that tell about you and your life?.

This could be a project to work on with your children or grandchildren: filling in information that they would like to pass on to their children.

If you are interested in genealogy, want to construct a family tree, or simply
provide information for others who are tracing your family history, this
software will be a crucial starting point. It may be your opportunity to pass on information that perhaps only you know.

But, this is only part of what you can do. You can insert an unlimited number of photos or documents such as those favorite photos of yourself, the children, favorite places, the family when you were younger, birth certificates, marriage liscense, or military citations. You name it, all can find a place in your record. This is a place where you can show your originality.

And, if the questions don't cover a topic you consider important, or don't give you enough room for a sufficient answer, you can create an unlimited number of pages on which to write whatever you want. Remember, this is your history and you can be as creative and comprehensive as you wish.

You can do this and more with our software instead of starting with a blank piece of paper and not being sure where to start.

And, the software is simple to use and costs only $9.95.

You can keep on reading about all the features in this system, but many of you will only be satisfied if you can try it out for yourself. We’ve made that possible. With no obligation,

Download a free, full-featured, evaluation copy.

We have been providing publications for people with vision impairment for over 12 years. Many of our readers are getting older and have requested a way to record their own experiences and life history and pass the information on to their children and friends. Now, with My Personal History software we are making it possible for you to record the important things in your life. And those personal things that may not be earthshaking, but are still important to your family.

We have made available a format which spurs you to provide information. It encourages you to explore many different topics. You will be encouraged to add factual information, but also your reaction to people and places and experiences. The system gets you started, you respond in your own way.

The Table of Contents, attached, shows you some of the topics you may want to explore. You are always free to take your own direction. The sample pages show you how it all works.

My Personal History is a PDF file which you can fill in, copy, and print on your computer screen. You can print it out first, fill it in in handwriting to organize your thoughts and then enter the infomation on screen. You can always correct or change your entries. When you are satisfied with what you have written you can print out any section in any order you wish. There's even a section where other people can add to what you've written.

As a PDF, My Personal History uses the free Adobe Reader that everyone already has on their computer. There's no need to buy any other software. After you download the My Personal History software, you can start to use it right away. It's that simple.

On the following pages you will see sample pages showing the sections and typical pages. And remember, we will jog your memory, but there is plenty of opportunity for you to put in things only you would think of.

There are 229 pages of content in the file, but you are free to select only those you want to fill out and print. So, if you served in the armed forces or were raised by a single parent you will find an appropriate section. If not, just skip sections that don't apply to you. When you are all done, print those sections you want and assemble them in any order. (We have left a wide margin so you can bind the pages into a permanent record) Or, you can copy the entire file and distribute it to you friends and relatives. Or, you can just print out the section that covers what to do in a medical emergency or, at the end of life.

The cost? $9.95. Select the Buy Now button below and you can purchase the system using Paypal or major credit cards. Then, the system will be downloaded to your computer. There's no complicated installation procedure. Just start typing and enjoying the system.

We have helped prepare personal biographies for our clients. The author's training in computer science and as a lawyer was a natural for that work. But, you can do the work yourself at a much, much, lower cost. And, you get the pleasure of developing your own personal history for your children.

You might also think about giving the My Personal History software to your loved ones to describe their own lives or, work on your history with them.

Any problems? We are always here to help.

Phone: (424) 263-2057

All of this sound a little too good to be true? In fact, you can download a full version of the system to see how it works. At no cost. You can try before you buy. What's the catch? The system you download will be marked as an evaluation copy. Otherwise, it is the same system we are asking you to pay $9.95 for. Once you are satisfied that you want to purchase the system, return to this page and select the Buy Now button below. So, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by evaluating the system.

Download the free evaluation copy.

email: www.info@extralargeprint.org



Sample Pages


Using This Program
  Midddle Age & Retirement


Mid-Life Years

Earliest Years


Birth to Age 5
Age 5 - 12
Death of Spouse
Childhood Homes
Religion, Beliefs
Family Life
As a Parent
High School
As a Person
Life as a Teen
Being Unmarried
Milestones (Women)
Events I Remember
Milestones (Men)
My Favorites
After High School
  Essential Information
Military Service
Current Health
Financial Information
Emergencies, End of Life
My Parents
Brothers, Sisters
Others' Inputs


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