We need your help!

Through 2002, we relied on the generosity of our Board to fund our activity. Now as a 501 (c) (3) organization we are seeking funding from foundations, corporations and individuals and we seek more volunteers.

Why should you make a donation or offer help?

We have already given, at no charge, over 2,000 CDs to individuals requesting them. In addition we have provided services to organizations requesting our large print publications. Until now, we have relied on our Board for funding and volunteers to process our books and publicize our activity.

We want to make our services more available to those who need them. This will mean we will try to hire our first paid staff including staff capable of working with Spanish language versions. We want to proactively reach out to schools, libraries and organizations who don't know that our service is available. We know there is a need for our publications and we want to try to fill it to the limit of our resources.

If our outreach program is successful, we will have more requests for CDs than our present resources will allow us to fill. We will continue to make a charge for the CDs, but our goal is to reduce the cost or, when possible, provide the CDs without charge.

How you can help:

You can send a check to us. Any amount is appreciated and may be tax deductible.

You can volunteer to process our books or publicize their availability.

You can purchase a CD and give it to someone who qualifies to use it.

You can make a donation now, in any amount, by clicking on the donation button.


Contact Information

Virginia M. Woolf Foundation (Fed. ID #95-4859267)
1602 259th Street, Unit E, Harbor City, CA 90710
(424) 263-2057 Woolf-Foundation@ca.rr.com

We do not and will not sell or lend our list of donors - or purchasers of CD's - to any other organization. Every contribution will be acknowledged.