Getting Hard to Read?

Type seems to get smaller?

We Can Help with Extra

Large Print Books.

Since the problem is the type size, we make it bigger.

We reformat books and other publications from smaller type into 18, 28, and 48 point extra large print type.

You can read the publications on a computer screen or print them out. When you print, they will be in large type.

You don't need any additional software; the large print publications can be read and printed with the free Adobe Reader you already have.

Our publications are compatible with most screen readers, but an ASCII version is also included.

Our publications run the gamut from the 9-11 Commission Report and Alice in Wonderland to Walden and Wuthering Heights. Use the "Library" button for a complete list of over 350 large print books and publications.

We have many of the classics needed in school and up-to-date information on health, economics and senior concerns. There are over 150 government publications originally available only in 12 point type. We have reformatted them into extra large print publications.

Use the "Demos" button for 28 and 48 point samples of extra large print.